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Case Study: Realty One Group Platinum

Case Study: Realty One Group Platinum

How Realty One Group Platinum Implemented an Agent Attraction System to Grow its Agent Roster.

In the fiercely competitive real estate brokerage world, distinguishing oneself involves more than just selling properties; it necessitates building a robust team of exceptional agents. Sherri Flaherty, Broker at Realty One Group Platinum and XL Technologies, teamed up to create a customized agent recruiting campaign. This case study explores how our innovative recruiting strategy can transform a real estate brokerage, offering a compelling blueprint for success.

Realty One Group Platinum Recruiting Campaign Assets

The Challenge: Elevating Recruitment in a Competitive Market

As a leading name in Pennsylvania’s real estate market, Realty One Group Platinum faced a significant challenge: attracting and engaging agents in a competitive market. Traditional recruitment methods yielded diminishing returns, struggling to cut through the noise and distinguish themselves as the go-to choice for area agents. The brokerage needed a transformative approach that would place them ahead of the competition and resonate with the best agents in the area.

The Solution: A Tailored, Omnichannel Recruiting Strategy

Our collaboration with Sherri Flaherty enabled us to tailor our Agent Acquisition Framework specifically for Realty One Group Platinum. This strategy aimed to keep the brokerage’s unique selling proposition in front of agents across multiple platforms, ensuring the Realty One Group Platinum brand remained top of mind.

This proactive approach is critical for successful recruiting, as agents’ readiness to switch brokers can be unpredictable. By maintaining consistent visibility on various platforms, we ensured that Realty One Group Platinum was the first thought for agents when considering a change. This method differs significantly from traditional recruiting tactics, often involving cold calling numerous agents and hoping for a timely match. Moreover, most of these calls go unanswered, and agents frequently report satisfaction with their current positions, making it challenging to gauge the right time for follow-up.

Realty One Group Platinum Recruiting Banner Ads

This Comprehensive Approach Included Several Key Initiatives:

Website Revamp: We introduced a sleek, professional redesign of the Realty One Group Platinum recruitment website, ensuring it resonated with targeted agents, maintained brand consistency, and converted traffic effectively.

Targeted Advertising: Our campaign utilized highly targeted top-funnel and retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram, capturing the attention of agents at various stages of their decision-making process.

Cold Email Outreach: We implemented a strategic cold email campaign to engage directly with select agents, personalizing the recruitment message to align with their career aspirations and the potential benefits of joining Realty One Group Platinum.

Captivating Banner Ads: Strategically placed across relevant online platforms, these ads maximized visibility and enhanced brand recognition among agents considering their options.

SMS Nurturing: A long-tail SMS campaign engaged prospective agents, providing timely updates and reminders about the opportunities awaiting them at Realty One Group Platinum.

Dedicated Recruitment Specialist: A fully trained recruiting specialist managed scheduling and inquiries, ensuring every lead was promptly addressed and pre-qualified before booking them on the broker’s calendar.

Efficient Pipeline Management: Our Agent Hire CRM platform streamlined the recruitment process, ensuring a smooth transition from lead to qualified agent prospect to onboarding.

Realty One Group Platinum Recruiting Website

“The results have been truly transformative. We’ve not only met our recruitment goals but exceeded them, attracting some of the area’s best talent.”

Sherri Flaherty, Broker at Realty One Group Platinum.

The Results: A Resounding Success

  • 109 agent leads were generated, each representing a potential new team member.
  • 28 productive conversations were booked with qualified agents, laying the groundwork for future onboarding.
  • An impressive cost of just $29 per qualified lead was achieved, highlighting the campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness.


Agent leads


Call booked with
qualified agents


Per qualified lead
was achieved

Conclusion: Setting a New Standard in Real Estate Recruitment

Realty One Group Platinum has revitalized its recruiting practices and set a new standard for other brokerages. Adopting a targeted, omnichannel strategy has proven effective in cutting through competitive clutter, attracting top-tier agents, and strengthening the brokerage’s brand.

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