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PREMIERE Group Recruiting Campaign

Case Study: PREMIERE Group at Real Broker LLC

Revolutionizing Real Estate Recruiting: The PREMIERE Group Story

PREMIERE Group at Real Broker LLC has recently engaged with us to help them redefine their recruiting process, setting a new benchmark for agent growth and team expansion. This engagement marked a significant milestone in recruitment and building a top team. It showcased the remarkable achievements possible when two industry leaders work together.

Unleashing a New Era of Recruiting Excellence

Dave Keener, the visionary leader of PREMIERE Group, recognized the need for a transformative approach to recruiting new agents. He turned to XL Technologies’ digital marketing and recruiting innovation expertise. Together, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the real estate recruiting process and significantly grow PREMIERE Group’s agent count.

Transformative Strategies for Unmatched Growth

As with each of our projects, we started with in-depth research and analysis of their brand and current recruiting strategy. This included evaluating the competition and reviewing past recruiting efforts, their culture, and their brand presence.

Once that was completed, we created a detailed SWOT analysis to uncover what set them apart from other large teams and identify the weaknesses that could be improved and potential threats to their success.

From there, we created the persona of an agent who would be a perfect fit. This allows our copywriters to make sure they are communicating PREMIERE Group’s unique selling proposition correctly to the target agent audience.

The next step was to tackle their recruitment website, giving it a stunning makeover that resonated with potential recruits and optimizing it for conversions.

This included building a custom interactive map showing all the states in the US where they had a presence and showcasing the team leaders and agents in each state.

PREMIERE Group interactive map

Then, we launched precision-targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns, capturing the attention of top talent with compelling visuals and messaging.

PREMIERE Group Recruiting Campaign

Our strategic cold email campaigns also started conversations that mattered, while our eye-catching banner ads ensured PREMIERE Group’s visibility across the digital landscape.

PREMIERE Group Recruiting Campaign

Engaging text message sequences kept potential recruits engaged and nurtured, and we assigned them our top-tier recruiting appointment setter to streamline their recruitment process.

Moreover, we granted exclusive access to our cutting-edge AgentHire CRM, facilitating seamless collaboration, management, and transparency.

“Everything you and your team did was very well done, and I was super impressed with the campaign. You have done your homework and really worked to understand who we are and what makes us unique. I have worked with many marketing agencies; you guys are second to none. You know the industry, recruiting, and how to get results. Outstanding job!.”

Dave Keener-CEO of PREMERE Group

Achieving Spectacular Results

The outcome of our collaboration exceeded expectations.

We generated 52 leads, set 22 calls with qualified agents, and achieved a cost per qualified lead of just $59 in the first 30 days.

These results exemplify the success of our innovative strategic approach and underscore our effectiveness in real estate recruiting and agent growth.


Agent leads in the
first 30 days


Calls set with interested
agent prospects


Cost per prequalified lead
from campaigns

Elevating Your Recruiting Game

This success story is a blueprint for any real estate team or brokerage looking to increase its agent count and expand its brokerage.

XL Technologies and PREMIERE Group have demonstrated that elevating the recruiting process is possible and achievable with the right strategies and collaboration.

Are you ready to redefine your recruiting approach and propel your brokerage to new heights?

Let us help you achieve the agent growth you are looking for.

Ready to be our next success story?