Case Study: Alta Realty Group

Robert Dodd | 20/08/19 10:19:18 PM

How XL Technologies helped Alta Realty Group CA grow its brokerage.

XL Technologies helps discount broker develop their brand and recruit residential agents in California.

As a leader in digital marketing and real estate agent targeting, XL Technologies’ marketing team helped this start-up brokerage develop its brand identity and grow its agent, count through an omnichannel advertising campaign.

The challenge:

Alta Realty Group was looking to develop a unique brand identity for their new 100% commission brokerage model and execute an aggressive growth strategy to recruit real estate agents. Although they saw brand development as a priority, the overall brand strategy was not well executed and had not been seriously thought out. That means it was going to be hard for agents to see the difference between the various brokers in the market and what Alta Realty Group had to offer, which created immense challenges for recruiting quality agents.

The solution:

When the team at Alta Realty first contacted us, they had nothing more than an idea for their brokerage and a sketch on the back of a sheet of paper for a logo they envisioned.

After we had an initial discovery session with the key decision makers, our team worked with them on a strategic vision for the new brand and what they wanted the brand to represent. The key stakeholders communicated to our team that to them, the meaning of Alta was going higher, reaching new heights in your career and upward mobility. They wanted to convey that a new agent could grow their business if they choose to work at Alta Realty Group.”

Once our strategy was outlined and approved, our team got to work. We produced a series of logo designs, with the team at Alta Realty Group finally settling on one they liked.

Once the logo was established, our design team produced a complete branding and identity package to maintain brand consistency. Developing a brand identity involves more than just making a logo design. Research into the company’s values is necessary to collect inspiration from which to draw ideas. Concept sketches are then developed into a visual identity that represents the brand, which consists of not just the logomark but also a complementary color scheme and typography that provide consistency across the entire brand image.

Once the branding was set, the next task was to continue doing extensive user research, which included developing personas based on the target audience. From there, we worked with management to outline the traits of the perfect agent that Alta Realty Group wanted to attract.

Wireframe mock-up and persona development

However, the partners at Alta Realty Group needed more than just a name and a brand voice. They needed a true brand essence and a personality to showcase their vision and separate them from the competing brokers in the area.

Once the branding was agreed upon, the second phase of the project was to develop a recruiting website that communicated the Alta value proposition and positioned them as leaders in the markets they served.

Final recruiting website design

We did this by creating a series of wire-frame mock-ups to define the way the information was going to be organized and communicated to the target agents.

Now that we had a clearly defined brand and a website to support the brand, the team moved on to the digital advertising campaign. It was decided that we would start with an aggressive email outreach campaign followed up by an equally aggressive Facebook ad campaign to introduce the target agents in the market to the newly created brand.

Email campaigns

The advertising campaign included

Creative development of all campaign assets, including graphic design and copywriting.Email campaigns utilizing our proprietary database of real estate professionals segmented to the Orange County market area where Alta Realty Group was looking to grow market share.
Custom integration of the recruiting website directly into the Alta Realty Group lead management system.Developed targeted audiences using Facebook’s interest level categories and XL Technologies’ proprietary database of real estate professionals to develop a custom target audience.

Reporting and measurement

We also provided ongoing campaign management, optimization, and reporting, making adjustments as needed using A/B testing and other techniques.

As part of this, we developed a series of monthly summary reports for campaign evaluation that were automatically delivered to the Alta Realty Group management team.

“XL Tech are experts at real estate recruiting. They really take the time to understand your model and position your brokerage in the market so that agents want to work for you. I could not be happier with the results. Just ask the 316 + agents they helped me attract this year alone. “

Timothy Manno – Lead Recruiter Alta Realty Group CA

The results

This multi-channel approach, coupled with our proprietary database of real estate professionals, attracted over 258 leads allowing Alta Realty to hire over 100 agents
within a 4-month period:


Direct Recruiting Leads from interested agents


Agents and Brokers reached in their geographic area


Impressions of the Alta Realty brand

Ready to start growing your brokerage
with the same strategies?


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