Case Study: NAI Northern California Event Marketing

Robert Dodd | 10/04/18 09:17:51 PM

XL Technologies raises brand awareness and captures the attention of real estate professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area with targeted event marketing.

As a leader in digital marketing and real estate agent targeting, XL Technologies’ marketing team created a multi-channel event marketing campaign using LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail, Facebook advertising and traditional email marketing targeting Bay Area licensed real estate professionals, significantly increasing the awareness of the NAI Northern California brand and attendance at the company’s monthly open house events.

The challenge:

NAI Northern California wanted to further establish itself as a leader in the commercial real estate space and raise awareness of its brand, while increasing attendance at its monthly open
house events.

To do this, NAI Northern California needed to target licensed real estate agents in the Bay Area interested in exploring a career in the ultra-competitive Northern California commercial real estate market.

The solution:

After an initial discovery session with key decision-makers, we determined the ideal audience and messaging for an aggressive outreach campaign that spanned multiple channels.

The campaign included the following:

Creative development of all campaign assets including advertising graphic design and copywritingCustom event landing page to communicate the value of the open house event and capture the RSVPs
Integration of the RSVP list into a shared Google spreadsheet so NAI Northern California staff could follow up and confirm attendance.A series of LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaigns targeting residential and commercial real estate professionals within the San Francisco DMA.
Email marketing campaigns utilizing XL Technologies’ proprietary database of real estate professionals segmented to the San Francisco market area that NAI Northern California serves.Facebook advertising campaigns utilizing both
Facebook’s interest level category targeting and XL Technologies’ proprietary database of real estate professionals to develop a custom target audience.
Custom display ad retargeting campaign via multiple advertising networksOngoing campaign management, optimization, and reporting.

The results:

This multi-channel approach, coupled with our proprietary database of real estate professionals, significantly increased attendance over prior events the company ran on its own, resulting in the following:


RSVPs Generated
for the 6 Open
House events


increase in RSVPs
over previous


increase in website

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with the same strategies?


Robert Dodd

Robert has been involved in Internet marketing and consulting for over 20 years. He started his career as a developer turned consultant in the early 90s when the internet was in its infancy. Over the years, he has worked with major brands on their development and marketing initiatives, like Reebok, The National Football League, New York City Police Department, the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, and hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses. Currently, Robert is CEO of XL Technologies, a digital advertising agency dedicated to helping real estate brokers build their brands and grow their agent rosters by assisting them in architecting and executing sophisticated omnichannel advertising and recruiting campaigns using PPC, video, email, and digital advertising strategies utilizing a proven, tested Agent Acquisition Framework.

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