Case Study: NAI Northern California

Robert Dodd | 22/02/20 08:27:13 PM

XL Technologies helps one of the nation’s top commercial real estate brokerages recruit residential agents to train as commercial brokers.

As a leader in digital marketing and real estate agent targeting, XL Technologies’ marketing team created a multi-channel recruiting marketing campaign using LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail, Facebook, and traditional email marketing to target Bay Area licensed real estate professionals interested in considering a career in commercial real estate.

The challenge:

NAI Northern California was looking to grow the number of commercial brokers currently working for them. Previously, the company tried typical candidate sourcing options like Glassdoor, Zip-Recruiter, and Indeed. Finding it difficult to source new talent who were licensed real estate professionals, they turned to XL Technologies to develop & execute a plan to target residential agents open to making the switch to a career in commercial real estate.

The solution:

After an initial discovery session with the key decision-makers, we determined the ideal audience and messaging for an aggressive outreach campaign that spanned multiple channels.

The campaign included the following:

Creative development of all campaign assets, including advertising graphic design and copywriting.Custom recruiting website that communicated the
NAI’s value proposition highlighted success stories and gave potential candidates an easy way to contact an NAI recruiter for a personal interview.
Custom integration of the recruiting website directly into the company’s Lever applicant tracking system.Email marketing campaigns utilizing XL Technologies’ proprietary database of real estate professionals, segmented to the San Francisco market area that NAI Northern California serves
Created a 16-step email sequence targeted at a cold audience to drive interest in the brand and allow us to retarget the real estate professional prospects on various platforms.Created over 22 ad campaigns and over 50 ads to target the audience with varied messaging and creative to keep the campaigns from going stale and performing at maximum efficiency.
Ongoing campaign management, optimization, and reporting, making adjustments as needed using A/B testing and other techniques. As part of this, we developed a series of monthly summary reports for campaign evaluation automatically delivered to the NAI Northern California management team.

“The Team at XL did a great job of attracting a steady stream of licensed realtors to inquire about joining our commercial team. They also did an amazing job filling the room at all our recruiting events.

Brett Stratton – Sr Managing Director

The results:

This multi-channel approach, coupled with our proprietary database of real estate professionals, significantly increased the number of candidates who applied for the open positions resulting in the following:


New candidate


Of the Real Estate agents reached


Impressions of the NAI Northern California brand


Robert Dodd

Robert has been involved in Internet marketing and consulting for over 20 years. He started his career as a developer turned consultant in the early 90s when the internet was in its infancy. Over the years, he has worked with major brands on their development and marketing initiatives, like Reebok, The National Football League, New York City Police Department, the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, and hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses. Currently, Robert is CEO of XL Technologies, a digital advertising agency dedicated to helping real estate brokers build their brands and grow their agent rosters by assisting them in architecting and executing sophisticated omnichannel advertising and recruiting campaigns using PPC, video, email, and digital advertising strategies utilizing a proven, tested Agent Acquisition Framework.

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