Case Study: CENTURY 21 Atwood

Robert Dodd | 15/03/24 09:36:20 PM

In an industry where the competition for top talent never sleeps, recruiting real estate agents is no small feat. This is the story of how XL Technologies, a leader in innovative real estate recruiting solutions, joined forces with CENTURY 21 Atwood, aiming to revolutionize its agent recruitment strategy in Minnesota. The result? A cutting-edge campaign has set a new standard for recruiting real estate agents.

What we created: The assets that were developed to launch a successful recruiting campaign

Campaign conceptualization and development
Ad copywriting and design
Strategic consulting
Audience development
Content creation
Messaging strategy
Web design and development
Brand research

The Challenge: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

CENTURY 21 Atwood, known for its exceptional service and market knowledge, faced a common yet daunting challenge: attracting the best real estate agents in a highly competitive market. The goal was clear: attracting talent and drawing in the best by making a memorable impression.

Enter XL Technologies with our expert team of recruiting consultants and a proven track record of building brokerages through strategic recruiting. The collaboration was about meeting expectations and exceeding them, crafting a campaign that would make CENTURY 21 Atwood the brokerage every agent in Minnesota wanted to be a part of.

The Strategy: A Comprehensive Approach to Agent Recruitment

Crafting a Unique Identity

The first step was to create a beautifully designed, custom-recruiting website. This digital home highlighted CENTURY 21 Atwood’s values and successes and showcased the unparalleled support and opportunities agents could expect.

This website served as the campaign’s cornerstone, reflecting the professionalism and innovation at the heart of CENTURY 21 Atwood’s ethos.

Recruiting Website for CENTURY 21 Atwood
Recruiting Banner ad Campaign for CENTURY 21 Atwood
Facebook and Instagram ad Campaigns for CENTURY 21 Atwood

Engaging Potential Recruits on Multiple Fronts

Understanding that modern agents are everywhere, XL Technologies implemented an omnipresent agent attraction recruiting campaign, leveraging their proprietary Agent Acquisition Framework. This multi-faceted approach included:

  • Multiple top funnels and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring CENTURY 21 Atwood remained top of mind for potential recruits.
  • Cold email outreach campaigns that cut through the noise, delivering personalized messages directly to prospective agents.
  • Banner display ads that kept the CENTURY 21 Atwood brand visible across the web.
  • Long tail text message nurturing campaigns that built relationships and kept potential recruits engaged in their decision-making process.
  • A dedicated recruiting appointment setter, streamlining scheduling meetings with interested agents.

Fully integrated with the AgentHire CRM platform, every aspect of the campaign worked in harmony, creating a seamless and impactful recruiting experience.

Agent Recruiting with Agent Hire CRM

The Results: A New Era for CENTURY 21 Atwood

The collaboration between XL Technologies and CENTURY 21 Atwood has met and surpassed expectations, establishing a new benchmark in real estate recruiting. The campaign has already begun to attract the best agents in Minnesota, thanks to its innovative approach and the solid foundation of support it promises.

Take Your Real Estate Recruiting to the Next Level

Are you ready to transform your real estate brokerage’s recruiting efforts? Discover what XL Technologies’ recruiting solutions can do for you. With our expertise and your vision, the possibilities are endless.

Book a call today, and let’s start building your future, one top agent at a time.


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