Top 5 Reasons Your Brokerage Should be Advertising and Not Recruiting

Robert Dodd | 02/01/23 09:50:52 PM

If you’re looking to grow your real estate brokerage, the quality and quantity of your agents are critical to your success. But how do you attract and retain top talent?

While recruiting has been the traditional method, there’s a smarter way to fill your pipeline with the best agents – advertising.

Top 5 Reasons Your Brokerage Should be Advertising and Not Recruiting

In this download, you will learn the following:

Why cold outreach is inefficient

Cold outreach, such as direct mail, email campaigns, or phone calls, can be time-consuming and ineffective.

Advertising is less intrusive

Recruiting can be intrusive and even off-putting for potential agents.

Build trust with an omnipresent brand

Advertising allows you to build a strong, omnipresent brand that potential agents can trust and recognize.

Showcase your company’s culture.

Advertising allows you to showcase your company’s culture and values, which can be a significant factor in attracting and retaining top talent.

Boost agent loyalty and retention.

Advertising can help you retain your top-performing agents by creating a strong sense of loyalty to your brand.

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If you’re ready to take your real estate brokerage to the next level, consider advertising instead of traditional recruiting methods. By leveraging the power of advertising, you can attract top talent, build a strong brand, and retain your best agents for years to come.


Robert Dodd

Robert has been involved in Internet marketing and consulting for over 20 years. He started his career as a developer turned consultant in the early 90s when the internet was in its infancy. Over the years, he has worked with major brands on their development and marketing initiatives, like Reebok, The National Football League, New York City Police Department, the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, and hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses. Currently, Robert is CEO of XL Technologies, a digital advertising agency dedicated to helping real estate brokers build their brands and grow their agent rosters by assisting them in architecting and executing sophisticated omnichannel advertising and recruiting campaigns using PPC, video, email, and digital advertising strategies utilizing a proven, tested Agent Acquisition Framework.

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